Slow computer (Pt. 1)

23 07 2007

It’s no big secret that the less you have on your computer, the faster it runs. It’s also a commonly held belief that computers over time become slow and sluggish.

Most people would assume either or both of two reasons for these issues: 1) regular wear and tear, 2) directly comparing newer computers with their older cousins psychologically makes us believe our older computers are not working as good as they used to.

The reality is, it could be either one of those two or both or even other issues like higher system requirements of newer software and/or spyware/bloatware/adware/etc.

So what do you do with your older computers? Are you low on cash and can’t afford a new PC? Listen up, there are a few pointers I can give you.

1. Defrag your computer

2. ?

3. Profit

Please read the follow-up posts for effective solutions.




One response

21 08 2007

Even new computers slowdown over a few months of use, there is no telling the sluggishness of old systems that have HDDs which are overflowing with crap and diseased to the last fragment. Fragmentation grows in the background over the addition and deletion of data and as a result, the disk activity increases sometimes bringing along with it heat issues. Its a perfect recipe for drive problems.

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