Slow computer (Pt. 3) – Temp Hell

23 07 2007

Temporary files left over from browsing websites along with cookies are some of the reasons for the slow-downs on your computer. Overtime and left unchecked, the temporary folder can get really large and contribute significantly to lowered efficiency of your computer. You can’t stop these temp files from accumulating on your computer or can ya?

Here’s the trick to clean up your temporary files folder leaving much desired room for the smooth operation of your digital slave.

1. Click on Start > Run
2. Type in %temp% and hit Ok.
3. Close your web browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc)
4. Select all the files and delete them
5. Happy?

Not really? Well then you have to clean your cookies etc etc. There are 2 top cleaning software available for FREE on the internet. One is the award winning Crap Cleaner (or CCleaner) and the other is ATF-Cleaner. Both do an awesome job in removing temp files, cookies, history in Firefox/IE, java cache files, but ATF is a bit more user-friendly with it’s simple layout while CCleaner goes beyond and helps clean up the registry on your computer.

There are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind before running either software.
1. Close all web browsers and Adobe PDF files etc (pretty much close everything you have open)
2. If you delete cookies, you might lose saved passwords so you will have to go back to or and re-enter your username and password.
3. They’re both free so use them with impunity.




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