2 parking tickets in 3 days

25 07 2007

Just my luck. I moved into this new apartment and on the 3rd day, I got one ticket for parking for 55 mins on a 30 min zone. Then a day later, another $20 for parking outside my apartment for 2 hrs and 15 mins on a 2 hr zone. Holy fucking shit! I saw the traffic cop driving behind me when I parked outside my place and was coming down the stairs when I saw him again but this time, he was placing a ticket on my windshield.

Anyways, I tried appealing the 55 min ticket because the sign posts were confusing. It said “Parking enforced Sep to May” and then had a sign about “City G Parking” etc etc. There was another sign that said “30 Mins” next to it. So being a reasonable person, I thought it was a non-enforced parking strip. Well whadya know. The prosecutor wasn’t sympathetic to my cause either. Here I was a poor student who’s also unemployed and has been having a horrible month with so many expenses etc etc and there she is making me the ONLY person who didn’t get the ticket waived from the 10 or so people in line today. 😦 Jus my horrible luck.




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