Harry Potter movie review

25 07 2007

Not bad. Kaci paid for the tickets at $14 per person at the IMAX theater in the Minnesota Zoo down in Apple Valley. Lots of “dark” stuff going on in the movie but the arrival of one new faculty at Hogwarts lightened up the set.

Although, this new character was annoying as hell kinda reminding me of some of the conservative self-righteous folks running loose in this country. Her fake smile hiding her fears was great acting. Seems like all the actors are starting to grow up and it’s kinda weird seeing Harry Potter no longer that lil twirp with those gooky round glasses. Even Ron looks and acts a bit older sorta high schoolish now. Emma (is that her name?) is a lot more serious and the overall movie plot is similar to Star Wars with all the light and dark parallels.

So anyway, we got to the theater 30 mins before the show and the place was already packed with long lines everywhere. Picked up a large Icee for a fiver and then went in. An attendant handed us all dorky 3D glasses to put on in the final 20 mins of the movie. There would be flashing signs on the screen telling us when to don the eyewear. The 3D thing really works. “Harry Potter: The Order of the Phoenix” came to life in the last 20 mins of battle with all the broomstick flying and laser zapping magic wands and that dumb looking Voldermort’s face appearing to pop outta the screen.

Kaci complained that the movie skipped on a lot of details and some of the story lines had been altered on the silver screen. If I had to pick between Transformers and Harry Potter, the robots would win but with the 3D thing, it’s a toss… if money’s no concern.




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8 05 2011
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