Slow computer (Pt. 6) – Windows Update

25 07 2007

Do you have an old computer?
Does your computer act like a senile old man and works real slow?
Is your internet connection slow?

If you’ve answered yes to all three, one of the things you could do but is not really recommended by the IT community in large is to *gasp* DISABLE WINDOWS UPDATE! Is it as easy as clicking on Start, right-clicking on My Computer, and clicking on Properties > Automatic Updates > Turn Off Automatic Updates ? I’m afraid not.

Please do understand that by disabling your Windows Updates, you will make your computer feel light and happy again but at the same time, you are shutting your eyes to the monthly security updates from Microsoft. Also, I am NOT responsible for any problems you’ve received as a result of disabling these updates. You can run manual updates at the end of the month at a location where you have fast internet so that you can have your cake and eat it too.

Disabling Windows Updates:
1. Click on Start > Run and type in services.msc and hit Enter.
2. On most machines, on the 3rd line, you should see Automatic Updates
3. Double-click on it to get another pop-up window
4. Select the Startup type to Manual and then click on Stop under Service Status.
5. Hit Apply and OK and reboot your computer

Was the ninja lying? Of course not but don’t forget your monthly updates by changing the Startup type back to Automatic and clicking on Start under Service Status.




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30 07 2007

This is a test!

31 12 2007
Disable Windows Update » Slow computer (Pt. 6) - Windows Update

[…] NinjaTales Blog wrote an interesting post today on Slow computer (Pt. 6) – Windows UpdateHere’s a quick excerptDisabling Windows Updates: 1. Click on Start Run and type in services. msc and hit Enter…. […]

20 01 2010

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share this FDA warning about Reglan.

Since there is presently no known permanent cure for serious gastrointestinal distress, it
is not surprising that many patients seek out treatments to provide long-term relief.

According to package insert dosage instructions, Reglan was only intended to be taken
for up to three months. People who have taken this drug for longer than the three–month
prescribed period have sometimes developed a seriously debilitating condition known as
tardive dyskinesia.

Recently, the FDA has issued a public health warning to both patients
and physicians with the intention of avoiding additional instances of this devastating disorder.
No treatment is currently available to treat tardive dyskinesia symptoms. Many of these side
effects are irreversible and permanent.

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