Transformers movie review

25 07 2007

For all those who grew up in the 80’s watching awesome robots transform into cars, planes, and other mechanical man-made objects, this movie takes you back to those care-free days of youth. After devoutly catching every single trailer made for the Michael Bay blockbuster movie that came out on July 3rd, my hopes for the first ever Transformers (ie. not animation) movie were at an unreasonably high level.

Sorry. Saw the movie with Kaci and Nima back on the 4th of July in the afternoon at the Rosedale Mall. I being the generous fool agreed to pay for all of us but was then left dumb struck when the total charge for 3 adults at that matinee show came to $24.

Well, at least we all got a small prequel comic book thing along with the tickets featuring the all favorite Camaro-fied Bumblebee and his arch-nemesis Barricade. Slightly entertaining. Didn’t really give us much more info than what we garnered from watching the trailers.

The show starts with a packed audience and boy were we all blown away. One of the best movies I’ve seen with all the fantastically designed transforming robots and the thrilling plot of the usual world-wide doom captivated fans and curious viewers. Of course we all pretty much guessed half the stuff thanks to the never ending supply of trailers we’ve been fed in the past months. BUT, the movie still trumped unlike Borat or Spiderman 3 which sucked.

One thing to notice is the enormous size difference between the Decepticons and the Autobots, with special emphasis drawn to Megatron. Why the Autobots (good guys) chose smaller transforming robots is beyond my understanding. Also, keep an eye out for Scorponok (scorpion Decepticon) and Barricade (Mustang cop car) throughout the show. When the movie ends with the credits rolling, hold out for a short clip. We all knew there was going to be a sequel but that lil clip hints at an awesome ride the next time.




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