Beautiful weekend!

30 07 2007

Had a fun filled weekend which kept me away from the blog. First of all, a freak storm almost got me killed. Visibility was down to 30 ft ahead and the strong winds got most of the cars hydroplaning on I-94. By the time I got down, it was too late to drive down another half an hour to Canterbury for a friend’s birthday so we just drove around aimlessly with Kaci on Lake Street up and down multiple times. Ate out at the International Center at an East African food stall. Generous proportions but the food wasn’t all that great. Also the entire place was closing at 8 and it was 7:45 PM so we were sorta hurried.

Got some groceries done with Mark and Molly and then later when Kaci got back, went out for bowling with some old friends. Took a while to find the place cuz of all the one-way streets and the ubiquitous construction going on which blocked part of the restaurant/bar/bowling place. Interesting bowling alley. You just go there and start playing. In the end you pay whatever you claim. 5 of us had graduated from the same college. What a coincidence. Got home late and watched Deja-vu. Not a bad movie but Kaci was “disturbed”.

Early morning trip to the farmer’s market by the Basilica. As we were driving around, a parking spot opened up. Couldn’t believe my luck. So many people walking around, and it was 9 AM! Mark bought a bunch of stuff there. Then had some Chicago Hot Dogs while Kaci and I got take-away Chinese to munch on. Called up Nima to check and see if he was up for canoeing at Lake Calhoun around 1. On the way there, we passed by a beautiful silver Lamborghini Gallardo. Molly, Nima, and Kaci were all surprised by how low the car was even compared to my already lowered Civic. Nice change in scenery from the usual Carerras floating around the streets, the Gallardo truly commands respect with it’s snarly low slung wide appearance. Kaci commented that it looked like a squashed frog. Hah.

After we got to the lake’s parking and I was heading to the vending machine to pay for parking, some dude in a black BMW 335i rolls by and hands me his parking stub which was valid for another 3 and 1/2 hours. WOAH!

It was a beautiful day on Saturday. Not too hot, not too cold, not too windy, not too humid. Just perfect. Some local people were doing the Brazilian fighting dance thing – kinda lamer version. The canoes were 15 bucks each. Soon we were out on the lake and the hour rolled by quick. Took a walking trip around Uptown and had root beer floats at Uncommon Grounds – no refills. Did some grocery shopping and had brats for dinner with Mark. Later played tennis with Nima and Kaci. I was leading at first with 3-1-0. Then Nima took the lead with 3-5-1. Somehow, in the end, Kaci came out winning 3-5-6. Fuck! At least we got done at 10PM which also coincidentally was the park’s closing hour so the lights would turn off soon. We found that out as we were walking out of the tennis court. Haha. Then drove to Nima’s and did some grilling – more burgers. Eh had some trouble getting the charcoal to light up because of the freak rain storm on Thursday and our charcoal bag was left outside. Aaah nice.

Relaxing day. Ate out at Joe’s Garage on the roof-top by the Basilica. Great burgers and fries. Went to the Walker Art “outdoors” Museum well parked there. Went in the art museum there and looked at some lame art. $6 x 3 (Molly and Kaci with me) wasted. There was some Picasso thing going on there so it was unusually crowded. Some interesting electronic camera info table thing and some works by Picasso and fans. Nothing much…




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