What Ninja thinks of ZDNet’s 10 free security…

30 07 2007

… utilities. STUPID! Yea. That’s what the ninja’s telling me.

Anyway, here’s the list from ZDNet’s site posted below.

#1: Secunia Personal Software Inspector
First of all, this thing is in beta. There’s not much going on here aside from the software collecting names/meta-info of files and folders and comparing with the same software on their database online. In reality, how do you know if your software isn’t working? Run it. If it doesn’t run, it’s broke and you’ll have to uninstall the software and reinstall it. If you think you have a virus hiding in your software’s folders, there’re better things to do than checking it up with an online database.

#2: OpenDNS
It’s ok. There’re ads and crap associated with using it and rumors that your info is being sold to 3rd party marketers.

#3: Active Virus Shield (free anti-virus)
Not bad. Not the greatest because to get it to actually do anything, you have to put in some mullahs. I mean there’s other better alternatives like AntiVir, online scanning by TrendMicro, and an awesome firewall setup using Zone Alarm.

#4: Haute Secure
Can’t comment on it because I don’t use IE7. If I were you, I’d use FF2.0 instead and not have to worry about Haute Secure or IE7’s clunky user-interface.

#5: GMER anti-rootkit
Maybe they have a winner here. Never used it but sounds too uber-techy for non-techy users.

#6: Netcraft Toolbar
Oh no. NOT another TOOLBAR. How many toolbars before you feel cluttered and trapped? Sure safety but at what cost? BTW, I can’t vouch for this crap cuz it’s IE.

#7: File Shredder
Only good if you don’t have CCleaner (look below).

#8: CCleaner
Great product. Up there with ATF-Cleaner.

#9: PC Decrapifier
Useful for n00bs with new PCs. Otherwise, the best option of getting rid of 3rd party apps is to format a computer the moment you buy it and customize what you want to have installed on it. Beats the hell outta PC Decrapifier which may or may not do the job. Then if you need to ‘decrapify” your computer any more, just go to Control Panel > Add Remove and uninstall anything you don’t need. Then run CCleaner.

#10: NoScript for Firefox
This will be the 2nd product the ninja recommends that is on ZDNet’s list but not quite required unless you’re the pr0n-obsessed internet user or the paranoid next door neighbor.

So I reiterate the ninja’s opinion on ZDNet’s list: CRAP!



3 responses

1 08 2007
John Roberts

No data is sold with the use of OpenDNS. http://www.opendns.com/privacy/

John Roberts

1 08 2007

Thanks for the straight forward answer. I guess rumors will be rumors and sometimes generated from rivals.

26 01 2008
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