Godzilla or Cthulhu movie?

31 07 2007

This has been in the back of my head ever since I saw Transformers on the 4th. There was this trailer about a small group of friends giving a farewell party to someone named Rob when all of a sudden, a mighty roar erupts as buildings blow up into flames and cars and stuff fly out of the subsequent explosions. The giant severed head of the Statue of Liberty falls down screeching on the asphalt as people everywhere in NYC scream in terror. My first impressions of this was GODZILLA. After all, the dude Rob or whatever he was called was leaving for Tokyo (Japan) and the drowning screams of people as they scrambled away saying something along the lines of “I saw it. It’s alive. It’s huge.”

Nima and Kaci at the time weren’t sure. The only text in that teaser trailer was 1-18-08. A quick Google search came up with suggestions like “the Parasite”, the lion transforming robot Voltron, and even far-off remarks like the hugely successful Xbox 360 game Gears of Wars. I guess a dude by the name of Mark Gordon is producing a Voltron movie but this one was being done by JJ Abrams, the dude in charge of Lost so it’s not Voltron. It can’t be the Thor movie because that one won’t be out until Summer of 2009. It’s not the Ironman movie cuz the trailers are different and it’s not related. It’s not Batman cuz neither the Joker nor Two-Face can chop down the head of the Statue of Liberty. Neither can they live in the sea like the creature that did that in the trailer. Shuffling around the pictures on the official website for the movie so far is fruitless. http://www.1-18-08.com The intertwining hair between 2 girls looking up shows an gnarly elf-like creature but that’s jus a coincidence. Right???

There is a significant amount of people claiming it’s a movie featuring H.P. Lovecraft’s feared Cthulhu squid monster but I think that’s just stinky hot air. It has to be Godzilla cuz in the last Godzilla, one egg cracks with nobody noticing it. I’ll agree Godzilla the Hollywood movie sucked but this one better not.

But officially speaking, all we know is the name of the movie for now 1-18-08 and the code-name for the project: Cloverfield which happens to be JJ Abrams’ address. That and the name of the director (Matt Reeves), producer (JJ Abrams), and the distributor (Paramount). It’s also a monster movie shot using the personal camcorder style from the Blairwitch Project.

As of 07/31/07, we have nothing else other than rampant speculation and a trailer. Watch it if you haven’t by clicking here!




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14 08 2007
just me

horse hockey ! abrams said it most defifnitly is not godzilla !

14 01 2008
Cloverfield - the movie review « NinjaTales Blog

[…] NOT about the Chtulu  or Cthulu or Godzilla or some other existing monster as I’d previously blogged […]

8 02 2008

I’d prefer reading in my native language, because my knowledge of your languange is no so well. But it was interesting! Look for some my links:

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