The only Iron Man movie trailer?

31 07 2007

Another title related to a movie and ending with a question in a row. This one’s about the ONLY available trailer for the Robert Downey Jr starring movie Iron Man expected to be released on May 2008. The questionable selection of Robert Downey Jr is quickly swept aside by the casting of Samuel “Mothafuckin” L. Jackson as the completely badass S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. I mean how badass can it get?

Oh and here’s the clip taken at the Comic-Con 2007 festival and hosted by Game Trailers. It’s obviously taken on a hand-held camcorder and isn’t the best of quality but it’s the only one out there I’ve found so far. Youtube and all other video hosting sites are being made to take down the trailers.

This movie is going to rock … your … socks … off!




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10 09 2007
New Ironman trailer « NinjaTales Blog

[…] 10 09 2007 … is out on Gizmodo. It’s mostly the same trailer from my earlier post, only this time, it’s not a boot-leg. But the boot-leg had a few more secs of footage than […]

24 03 2008
How To Get Rid Of Thinngs

I hope it would smash the boxoffice, otherwise it would be another disaster coz’ I know it would be…

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