Winamp. It really kicks the llama’s ass!

31 07 2007

Yea it really kicked the llama’s ass until Nullsoft completely messed it up. Half of the designers/programmers quit and formed their own company. If you’re looking for the MP3 player that requires very little from your computer and performs great without the annoying “UPDATE” messages etc, search for WinAmp 5.13 and right-click on the player, then click on options > preferences, and set the internet connection to “Not Connected” and uncheck everything other than Recycle permanently deleted files, Taskbar, and the last thing about “full screen applications.”

Then you’re off to go. Run this on a PII 256MB RAM and you won’t have a problem. Oh and make sure to set it up as the “Classic” mode.




2 responses

29 04 2009

I totally agree! AOL have destroyed yet another great product!
and why? …
because Nullsoft are lining their pockets with a little extra £££!

7 03 2010

smell my poo LO

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