Dateline NBC’s iJacking Story

2 08 2007

Many of you may have seen or heard of Dateline NBC with the host Chris Hansen going after sexual predators. This time, with a huge spike in the thefts of the ever popular Apple iPod MP3 players, Chris Hansen checks up on this alarming negative social trend. After consulting with Apple on this matter, their requests to have Apple assist the Dateline NBC in recovering stolen iPods were stonewalled by Apple reps. Then they check up on a small company that actually helps track down iPods and other devices. As the story progresses, they meet with a young student who came up with a website “UNLOSE.IT” after someone stole his own girlfriend’s iPod.

It gets interesting in the same way how Chris Hansen uncovers child molesters and the like as these younger perpetrators are uncovered and shamed into their selfish and unethical actions. There’s a few clips of kids so obviously lying with lines like “oh I lost the iPod I stole” and such but it’s definitely a watch if you missed it on tv like me.

Click on this link and watch the entire show on with the creatively headlined story “i-Jackers” or “iJackers” to catch iPod robbers. Please note that a kid was killed for his iPod which was one of the reasons that prompted NBC to pursue this matter.




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