Cool flower-shaped filament light bulb

4 08 2007

Filament shaped as a rose complete with leaves and stem. Very cool. Not sure if it’s for sale but it definitely is something that could fly off the shelves. A concern most of us might have is how environmental this is. I use all CFLs to light up my apartment. Anything that says over 15W is a big no no to me and this rose filament bulb could possibly be another way to adding to the wastage. Otherwise, it looks cool and unique. The cord acts as a bendable stand.

Thanks YankoDesign.




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23 08 2009
Wanda Hughes

Can you tell me where I might find this light? I’m intrigued with it and I know it will be fabulous to have in my home and in my shop.

Thank you in advance.
Wanda Hughes
owner: Granny’s Attic

11 09 2009

my friend bought one of these for my other friends birthday so they are defo for sale they also had a cool bird one too 😀

1 11 2009

Sorry for the delay but I’ll try my best to track them down.

2 11 2009

Here’s the link if you’re interested in buying one:

3 12 2009
Tyler A

From what I’ve found online, it appears that these are often called “aerolux” bulbs (after the manufacturing company), and were produced between 1930-1970.

Unfortunately it doesn’t appear that “buyalllighting” ships to Canada, anyone know a Canadian seller?

28 01 2010

I have an original flower lamp from the 1930s , wondering if anyone knows how much its worth.

28 01 2011

I have a lamp as well. It has a brass colored metal base with marble. it measures 12′ and has 3 little pink flowers with green leaves. I would definitly like to know what it is worth.

18 01 2011
Donald Haugen

I have a suitcase with 6 of these type of lamps. ALL NEW
I am a lighting salesman, and purchased these prior to 1988 as samples for sale.
I would be interested if there is anyone that would like to purchase them.
1 is exactly as shown above
2 with a stork and says “its a boy”
3 with a stork and says “its a girl”
4 that says “Happy Birthday”
5 is a orchid
6 is a large rose

I got on this site searching for a lightbulb like this that has the Masonic emblem in it.

3 07 2011

Yes, I would be interested in the orchid and rose. Contact me at if you are serious about selling

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