God Bless America!

4 08 2007

Personal rant on our current state of affairs.

Seriously, this nation has not seen so much bad luck since the world wars and the Great Depression era of the 1900s. Ever since this Bush came in power (through a court order in 2000 and faulty voting machines in 2004), there’s been so much trouble at home – tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, flash floods, droughts, record extreme temperatures, international terrorism, depletion of the Social Security funds, loss of the middle-class, violation of our basic human rights, wars abroad, deaths of our soldiers, rampant corruption in the Government, loss of our moral values etc etc.

Ironically, with the Republican pro-business leadership, one of our enemies according to Reagan, is now a serious business partner. Communist China is possibly our best friend thanks to all their borrowing from us which prevents our economy from crashing. This political party makes no secret that they follow the brand of conservative idealogical right-wing values of the late Reagan. So why are our “Republican” leaders still relying on the help from a Communist nation then? Also remember, China is the world’s leader in – the most number of human rights violations – every year.

We also can’t forget our daily oil addiction and the hypocrisy surrounding the lives of many Republicans. Our Republican leadership worships our Saudi “allies” while the rest of the Republicans absolutely hate “rag heads” or anyone with a mid-eastern features. Is this a case of flip-flop? or is it a case of racism? or what the hell is it?

If you are able to shut your eyes and ears to all that nonsense, there’s something else knocking on our doors. We have a crumbling decadent infrastructure as noticed by the state of the levees before Katrina walked all over it, by the pipeline explosion in New York City, and by the failure of the I-35W bridge here in Minneapolis. Our mindless rulers prefer putting our troops in harms way for prolonged periods and spending all our money on additional violence instead of fixing the problems within our society. Yet we trust in them. Our social complex is falling apart, the divide between the haves and have nots’ is increasing, our coffers are empty, and yet we follow the fools who run this nation with blind faith. We say our economy is great but in reality, looking at stocks does not determine whether we as a nation are doing well. It only displays the mean economic rank which can be easily acquired if the rich get more tax breaks and the poor get poorer.

If I were superstitious with all that we’ve gone through in these past years, I would say that we as a nation, have been cursed by this Bush family. The United States of America has been hijacked by power-hungry politicians who put marketing/advertising and wars on a higher priority bracket than social issues, financial responsibility, and our aged infrastructure. We’ve come to learn that our morals and ethics are of no concern as long as we go to church on Sundays, praise our leaders regardless of their performance, and mutter this omnipresent phrase that lost all value a few years ago …

God Bless America!




One response

5 08 2007

Well said. America needs to get its act together and quickly or everyone here will feel even more backlash. Still can’t believe half of U.S. voters would make the stupid decision to vote for him…I bet everyone who voted for him regrets it now. Many hard-core republicans are even “losing their faith” in the administration, and with due cause. The only people who don’t regret it are your delusional rednecks and hypocritical religious followers. Not only have we made mistakes recently, but we have been steadfastly falling behind other nations in regards to education, technology, etc. The only thing that the U.S. can brag about is its advanced military technology, but hey we can only blow up the world once even though we have the power to do so over and over again. Our military “prowess” if you want to call it, has not helped us in our current military affairs. Our military not only continues to agitate the rest of the world, but it is infuriating to many patriotic Americans. Who do we have to blame? The Bush Administration and those who voted for him.

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