New tires. What should you get?

5 08 2007

Well to be honest, I really don’t know what you should get but a fine word of advice is to try to stay away from Chinese branded tires. Some research on the internet shows that Chinese tires are likelier to develop problems. Lately, I’ve been noticing a lot of unintentional power-sliding (sorta like drifting) when I’d make turns in my Civic. The Goodyear Touring class running on all 4 wheels were slipping on hot asphalt. I’d taken a 25 MPH exit at 35 MPH like I normally do and I heard loud screeching sounds from my tires as my Civic started to pull a Colin McRae on the curved section of the freeway. I knew that was gonna take place sooner or later because last winter, I had a tough time trying to get my car to take a turn without over-steer or any power-slides. Later, I ran the standard penny test on all 4 tires.

The picture above shows the cut-off line for a tire with good grip. As long as the treads cover the hair, you’re fine but on mine, good ol’Abe’s head was completely visible. The treads were all weathered, cracked, and worn out. Memories of the last winter’s dangerous moments flooded my mind and I set off to get me some new grippers on all four wheels.

The cheapest place I found was Tires Plus. Was all set to get the Chinese-made Primewells even though you never really know about the quality. In the end, the sales person told me that all brands other than Primewell were subject to the “Buy 3 Get 1 Free!” deal. That ended up making the Firestone Touring class roughly 50 bucks cheaper. Too bad they didn’t have a set of Goodyears or I would’ve tried on gettin them.

Check out the deep grooves on these all-season babies. After I drove out of Tires Plus, wow is all I can say. No longer was my car dangerously sliding it’s rear end or did I have to suffer the unusually extreme torque steer issues. I’ve yet to test them out on wet conditions so can’t pass a final verdict.

Yea I still don’t know what you should get.




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