Windows Auto Play feature

5 08 2007

This is one niggling feature about Windows XP that gets many frustrated. When you insert a CD or DVD or any new media storage device like a flash drive (jump drive), external hard drives etc on your computer, you usually get a pop-up window asking you what would you want the computer to do or if you would like to be prompted with that message any time you hook up that device/cd/dvd.

One day that message stops popping up and you’re wondering what happened. The reality is, you shoudl be getting that pop-up window every time you put in a CD/DVD until you select an action directly like PLAY. Then you never see this window again.

This would be the Windows Auto Play feature to simplify our life’s choices. Like most people, your preferences may change over time. Some day, you might not want Windows Media Player to start automatically when you insert your favorite cd and when that day comes, you’ll be going crazy because you’d like to see WinAmp or another media player work that CD instead. So what do you do?


1. Click on My Computer.
2. Right-click on the drive letter associated with the CD/DVD/HDD. In my case, I right-clicked on the E: which happens to be my CD-RW/DVD drive.
3. Click on the AutoPlay tab and change your preferences!




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