New Palm Treo Gandolf phone

6 08 2007

Codenamed Gandalf “Gandolf”, Slash Phone’s informants were able to uncover it once again with a bit more details. Apparently, the first time they released a spyshot, the turdy looking Gandolf was running Windows Mobile (possibly 6) but this one is set to be featuring the latest version of Palm OS Garnet (5.4???). As usual, Palm will add the “p” and “w” letters at the end of the name of the phone deciding whether it’s either a Windows Mobile or Palm Garnet variant.

From the exterior looks of it, you could say that it looks more like an entry-level Palm device or the Zire lineup at Palm’s phone division but apparently, it will take over from where the 750 left off and be called the Treo 800. To think of it, this phone sorta reminds me of the T-Mobile Dash or HTC Dash. It’s ugly as a pig on pictures but really pretty in real-life if you aren’t bothered with the OS/UI involved (Windows Mobile).

One of the good things about Palm is that they consistently release both GSM and CDMA versions of their phones to maximize market share. So T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint all can have their share of the cake. Palm will have their cake and eat it too. 😛

An interesting issue with the branding on the 800 number is that the informant revealed the Treo 800 will have a smaller screen (still touch screen), keypad (soft semi-transparent), and overall “skinnier and thinner” form factor than the Treo 650/680.

So why is it still being billed as the 800 instead of a lower designated number?



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5 09 2007
Palm Gandolf / Treo 800 / Treo 500 / Centro foreal! « NinjaTales Blog

[…] phone. The Centro got a new, may I add better, color scheme compared to previous washed-out UK spyshot models. As I’d mentioned previously, it’s also the smallest Palm Treo phone ever and […]

23 01 2008

i have this phone and i love it! the keypad may be small but i think it’s still pretty easy to use. love the touch screen.

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