Hot hatches I want!

7 08 2007

Everybody has their own taste in cars. Some like driving large sedans. Stuff like the Toyota Avalon and the Dodge Intrepids or even the new Ford Taurus. Others prefer 2-door sports cars. Then we have the SUV/truck loving crowd. The fuel-economy misers are starting to make a headway in all categories. Me? I’m into sporty looking cars but recently, been noticing some nice looking hatchbacks that’s been taking my eyes off of the RSX’, Civic Si, Mustang GT, and the Nissan 350Zs.

Nissan Sport Concept

This rather sharp-looking Nissan Sport Concept features in a Japanese anime set in the not too distant future but I’d like to see it on our shores sooner. The mouthful of angles and blackened shaker-hood flaunts the unique styling of this hatch allowing it to stand out in a market so saturated with similar designs. Unfortunately, Nissan brought out a blanded-out hatch that kinda does look like the Sport Concept called the Versa.

VW Scirocco

Dubbed the “iRoc” by VW’s PR, it’s quite plain that they are planning on reviving the famed Scirocco brand. Eitherway, it’s an aggressive looking hatch and this is coming from a Volkswagen fan. But the overall body lines does sorta remind me of the Volvo C30 Sport Hatch. That is not a good thing. On the bright side, the headlights and front are sooo Evolicious!

Mazda 2 (Demio)

Ford’s Asian/European division worked overtime to get a new generation of Mazdas on the roads. The 4-door Mazda 2 is simply awesome. Miserly on gas, great on looks, and tiny enough to zip around the city and not have parking issues. Too bad, Ford is planning on bringing the Mazda 2 over here to the States in the form of … the Ford Fiesta. They’ll make it hideous. Trust me.

Suzuki Swift

This little bug won automotive design awards in Japan when it first debuted at the Tokyo show back in 2005. Supposedly running on European and Asian roads, this lil beauty is a Mini Cooper without the retro. Unfortunately, the Chevy-like interior is horrible and the loud wind noise at higher speeds outweighs the great fuel savings and light weight of the Swift.

Toyota Auris

When the first spyshots came out, everybody started immediately naming it as the Corolla replacement. Well maybe it was the Corolla replacement from Toyota but not here in the USA. The Auris is basically a bigger 3 door Yaris complete with 5 doors. Looks a bit more attractive but has the weakest of all engines in this list. Great on gas mileage but will absolutely suck big balls when you pitch it to merge onto a busy freeway.

Alas, all or none of these cars might ever see North American skies but we can always dream. The hot hatches listed above are in the order of my preference with the top Sport Concept being the stuff I really want to the weak Auris.

Any comments?




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