US Citizen Deported to Mexico!

7 08 2007

Amazing piece of work by the LAPD and Immigration Officers. On May 11, 2007, A certain Pedro Guzman was deported to Tijuana, Mexico, after local authorities wrongly identified him as an illegal Mexican immigrant/alien (whichever word you prefer). The funny thing is, Pedro Guzman was born in LA and is a US citizen.

He went missing until now after the American Civil Liberties Union went to court in June 11 and found him … alive. The ACLU of Southern California has already planned his trip back and a happy reunion with his family.

Nobody is safe these days or are they? Salvation in the form of the GOP? Well here’s how. This could be used as a great example for Bush to forward his case that the government simply needs more information from all of us. Credit cards, phone records, and video surveillance simply isn’t enough in these times. The terrorists could be anywhere.

/* end sarcasm */

Here’s the link to the article. Doesn’t say much more than what I wrote.




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