Looking for that Jeep ad song?

11 08 2007

The Jeep/GM ad’s been haunting me for a while. Tried to find the name of the song everywhere but wasn’t quite successful.

If you’re wondering, it’s that ad where they show a bunch of different Jeep products and in the end, a group of “friends” and the token black dude with dreads start dancing around a bright star-lit night campfire on top of a rocky flat hill. The one phrase that keeps resurfacing over and over again was “time of our lives…”. So Google’d it up until I stumbled across Paul Van Dyke’s “Time of Our Lives” which also happens to be the same song.

Well almost. The actual version used in the Jeep commercials is the techno remix with Vega or something. So in the event that you’re searching for the name of that song, here it is … Time of Our Lives. Search it, find it, and listen to it. Not all that great of a song but it’s something different from what you hear on the regular radio stations.

EDIT: Found the clip on YouTube. Funny. Thought I searched there but you never know.




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