Impromptu Duluth trip

12 08 2007

After hearing the classic Boardwalk song by the Drifters, Kaci suggested to me that there was a place called “The Boardwalk” out in Duluth. I’d never been there before and next thing we both know, we’re off on a 3 hour long drive to Duluth. We left at around 11:30AM Sunday. After reaching Duluth, our lack of familiarity with the area got us lost and after 30 mins of driving cluelessly over raising bridges and cobble-stoned streets, we ate at Hells Kitchen because we couldn’t make up our minds on what exactly we felt like eating. Although to think of it, there was a nice outdoors Mexican restaurant called “Angie’s Cantina” or something along those lines. Generally speaking, it was a beautiful day with light breezes, high clouds, partly sunny, and perfect temperature of around 75 degrees. Oh and we did walk around the famed “Boardwalk” and even treaded lightly on the frigid Lake Superior waters.

2 hours of wandering in Duluth, we headed back. The drive was slow and painfully boring.




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20 05 2011
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