The sad “ricer” image with Civics

12 08 2007

The other day, I ran into some issues surrounding high school kids and my Civic.

So here I was minding my own business and driving out to grab some supplies at the local Target and we had the window open making use of the nice weather to save gas by not using AC. We slowly drove past a parking lot with like 3 or 4 high school aged kids on the right-side of West Division Street due to the busy traffic at the moment. They had the hood up on their car (some domestic model) and one kid looks at me, lifts his arms up, and yells out “I can’t find the turbo” or something with a smirk. At first I was confused cuz I wasn’t quite sure what he said until Kaci told me.

Then it dawned on me. I’m driving a nice Honda Civic and his old Chevy was giving him problems so he was just being jealous and trying to throw out a “ricer” tag out at me. WTF? What an idiot. Turbo? What the fuck? I don’t need a turbo to get me to work and back. Holy shit. If he doesn’t want to have problems with fixing every niggling little bug in his GM/Chevy piece of shit, he should just go out and get a Honda! You don’t need to add a rear spoiler, neon lights, or a turbo just cuz you own an import.

We got what we needed at Target and I was driving back hoping to see those clowns so I could beat up that high schooler. Mother fucking piece of shit. Got my blood all boiled up. Unfortunately, they weren’t there at the parking lot anymore. I’ve got an image of his face in my mind and if I see him around, I’ll make sure to knock the shit outta that high school piece of dirt bag. Fuck that shit. I’ll call him a redneck who sleeps with his sister just cuz he drives a domestic and make him understand what it feels like to be discriminated/generalized so openly like that. People don’t understand discrimination until they experience it themselves.

If that asshole is reading this blog, here is a picture of a turbo. Usually, that’s what you see. Well from the other side. If you’re talking about an intercooler, it’s slightly different. Next time you yell out “I can’t find the turbo” remember, you look like a fool for not being able to recognize the turbo-set under the hood. Fuck that shit kiddo. Anybody’ll recognize the turbo if it’s installed in your car. If you can’t find it, I hope you stay away from your car for the sake of everybody’s safety in town. We can’t have retards driving around endangering the lives of other people.





One response

25 01 2009

I KNOW WHAT UR TALKING ABOUT, everytime i go to school or work, SOMEONE says to me HAHAH u drive a pt loser, i like wtf, at least i have a nice car and not some pos oldsmobile. i like my pt cruiser, why do people find something to make fun of people. its like THEY HAVE to find something.

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