Fake Nokia N95s on eBay

13 08 2007

Craigslist and eBay are hotbeds for counterfeit goods. It’s ok if the buyer knows that the product they’re getting is a fake. It’s NOT ok if they believe they’re buying the real deal. Made a quick search for Nokia cellphone prices on eBay and came across 4 easily-identifiable fake N95’s right on the first page. A 5th one was removed by eBay.

We all know NOKIR as being the rather infamous Chinese Nokia knock-off manufacturer with their rather deceptive fonts to make the NOKIR look like a NOKIA on their phones. We also know that their phones are of sub-par quality and feature some cheap UI (user interface) instead of the famed Symbian S60 OS (operating system). This will definitely leave a bad taste in the mouths of many people who think they’ve bought a Nokia for $300+ and find out it’s crap (because it’s a fake)

Here are a few pictures on this Russian website with fake Nokia N-series. Click here to check them out! They even say NOKIA.

If you look at the pictures on the seller’s page, it’ll show you a Nokia boxset with manuals and cables etc. Everything makes you believe it’s the genuine product. So how do you tell if a N95 is a NOKIA product or NOKIR or some other generic fake brand?

1. See if the seller promotes the phone featuring a “touch-screen”. Very few Nokias have touch screen.

2. If there’s a picture of the phone, look for the 5 icon things at the bottom of the screen as circled on the pic to the right. They do NOT exist on ANY genuine Nokia product!

3. Do your research on the phone and make sure the specs (hardware/software) match up.

4. Don’t buy it if it’s coming straight out from Thailand, China, or Hong Kong!

5. On eBay, make sure the seller has a lot of good feedback as a SELLER. Most sellers of questionable goods will buy a lot of cheap useless stuff on eBay to garner positive reviews and then offload their products to the victims.

So, even if you know you’re buying a fake, you want to make sure that the phone you’re getting works on our GSM bands. Most of these sellers will disappear the moment they get the payment and you are unable to return the product.

Some fake Nokia N95s on eBay:
Item #1
Item #2
Item #3
Item #4
Item #5




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7 11 2007
Angheloiu, Anita

Dear Sir or Madame,

a friend of mine bought a celularphone Nokia 95s in Afghanistan. He has leaving his adapter, charger there. Where can we find another
one, because the german once are not compartible with this mobilephone. They also just called N 95. Even Nokia in germany has given us a wrong information.
Thank you very much for your interests in this happening.

Your sincearly
Anita Angheloiu

22 05 2010

You should lern english a bit more; it is horrible like it has been in Osnabrück where we met before…..

7 11 2007

Hi there Anita,
There are primarily 2 kinds of Nokia phone AC adapters. The older kind has a thicker tube-shaped end piece to connect to the phone while the newer ones have thin tube-shaped end connectors.

As long as you get the charger with the thin end connector piece, you should be fine cuz it can be used on a lot of different Nokia handsets. If you’re in Germany, I would recommend looking up a “charger” or “ac adapter” on eBay to see if one such as the link below is available.

If not, try looking for phone stores. There should be plenty of used chargers you may find in stores to buy on the cheap.

NOTE: If the Nokia N95 your friend bought has a TOUCHSCREEN, it is NOT a genuine product. Genuine Nokia chargers may damage the handset.


The Ninja

29 11 2007
Klone Nokla N95 « NinjaTales Blog

[…] people do research when buying a product that’s over $100??? I previously wrote an article about peddlers on eBay/Craigslist trying to sell fake Nokias as the real thing. I guess the person […]

10 01 2008

Hello dear
i have Nokia N95s “chinese one”. i got it from Pakistan in 2007 Aug. Now the broblem is this, its not working in North America with Rogers wireless.
i look at every were but they can,t open it. would u like please tell me the soluation please!

11 01 2008

A genuine Nokia N95 is a “Quad band” GSM phone which means it can can operate on ALL GSM frequencies around the world. Said frequencies are 850, 900, 1800, and 1900.

GSM 900 and 1800 are used primarily in Europe and Asia while the 850 and 1900 are used in North America.

Rogers in Canada would use the latter frequencies and since you have a cheap Chinese knock-off, that could explain the reason behind your problem. It’s most likely a dual-band configured to run in Asia and Europe since it would cost more to make it quad-band.

Hope that helps. Send it back to Asia and get an original N95 if you can afford it. The operating system is completely different and a million times better than any cheap Chinese UI (user interface) on a cheap fake product.

1 04 2008

hey my name is frank vandercline and i have a n95 from japan (i live in holland (the netherlands) so i excuse if i make make mistakes with writing) but the thing is i dont have any problems with it, but just don tno if its ilegal to use it (i think not so… but just for asking) can you please send me as much info about this as you can mis thanx already

best regards: F v d klein 14 jr.

1 04 2008

PS: my mail adress is: williewortelkanaal@live.nl

1 04 2008

The N95 is a quad-band phone (850, 900, 1800, 1900) meaning it will work on any GSM network. You can use your phone anywhere in the world as long as it works. To ascertain if the phone you have is the genuine article, follow my instructions above. If you’re still not sure, push these keys on your N95…


… and you should see a “Nokia N95” listed on your screen after you enter the final pound key.

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