Rush Hour 3 movie review

13 08 2007

Who knew movie sequels had to end in 3’s? It started with Star Wars (until they went ahead to create 3 prequels), then Aliens, Die Hard (up to this summer), Lord of the Rings, Spiderman, etc etc. Now Rush Hour. RH3 isn’t as good as the first 2 in my opinion. This one was seemed to try a bit too hard at times but the movie got better and funnier. Some of the funnier parts in the movie can be viewed on the trailers.

Best moment: The best one’s where Agent Carter (Chris Tucker) starts asking the old Kung-Fu master his name only to get confused with the name “Yu” and then … alright. You’ve seen the trailer and I don’t need to explain it further. Seems to destroy the joke.

There’s an annoying Chinese girl who plays the daughter of the Chinese ambassador to the US. The ambassador is played by the same panda-looking dude from Rush Hour 1. There’s no “Ricky Tan” in this one as a spoiler. Just some French speaking Chinese actors.

Worst scene in the movie? The stupid nun scene where she acts all cool and hip during and after the interrogation. Didn’t quite go down well with me unfortunately.

It may not be worth 9 or 10 bucks but there were funny moments in the movie. So, my verdict is…

Thanks Kaci!




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22 09 2014
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Rush Hour 3 movie review | NinjaTales Blog

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