Freak storms ravage Minnesota

14 08 2007

Freak storms ravaged parts of Minnesota last night. We had a huge storm last week on Friday night which cut out power to over 100,000 homes by the metro. Our power outage lasted over 13 hours. Some places by Bloomington didn’t have power even 3 days later. Work on the destroyed I-35 bridge also had to be stopped.

Unlike the strong winds, rain, and lightning from the previous week, last night’s downpour cast hail stones over 2 inches in diameter – roughly the size of golfballs. Houses were damaged, cars were dented, and windshields smashed.

This happened as a huge tsunami-like wave of clouds made it’s way from the west to south east and north east of Minnesota. Tornado sirens blaring and lights started to flicker again. Most of Interstate 494 were flooded. Not a big problem since I-494 is prone to floods but this time, water levels crossed the 1ft mark and many cars were stranded. Something like the stuff that hit NYC last week.

While some parts were getting pounded by floods or hit by golfball-sized hail, other parts of MN faced torrential rain and strong winds and lightning. Cars were left stranded on freeways and highways across.

Is the US cursed? Like I mentioned in my previous post, there’s so much insane shit going on these days that even non-believers like myself have to sit back and think about whether we’re on the wrong side of karma. Maybe a change of administration and less future wars will help change the tides of negative karma we’ve earned. Either that or we’re seeing effects of global warming which for reasons unknown many Republicans refuse to accept.

… jus on the news. We’re expecting more storms. WTF? Another round of disaster, here we go!



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