Media manipulation on Hardball?

14 08 2007

We all know that media is out there to manipulate our way of thinking. It’s there to create wants when we have none. It’s there to create impressions when we previously had none. One such example is found here on MSNBC’s clip where Chris Matthews from Hardball hall of fame starts talking to Erin Burnett.

Note the angle and height of the camera.

For Erin, see how the camera tries to distance itself away from her. So she ends up leaning towards the camera. Then the camera rises so she has to look up. Cleavage anyone? Well that’s not the whole truth. That may or may not have been done intentionally but what is almost always done is the camera angle.

For men, the camera looks up to them. This gives them the almost “father-figure” look. Also when the camera has to face up, the chin looks bigger which automatically makes the person more “manly” from what we know with our experience in society.

With women, the camera’s usually looking down on them. Sometimes, it’s subtle. It makes the chin look narrower thus successful in establishing the “feminine” look. There’s also the cleavage thing but that’s a whole different story.

Hope this enlightened you a bit on media manipulation. BTW, I love MSNBC.




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