Mediterranean Cafe in St Cloud Minnesota

14 08 2007

This past weekend, we were driving around down-town St Cloud (which is a slightly run-down version of Fargo’s down-town section) and passed by this small restaurant called “Mediterranean Cafe”. Both of us felt like gyros (pronounced “heroes” and sometimes misspelled as “hyros”) so we drove around the block and back to that place to eat.

Inside, only 2 Somalis were eating and they looked like they were related to the people running the restaurant. There was a nice 36″ widescreen HDTV hooked up to digital cable and Al Jazeera News playing. Nobody at the counter. One of the persons eating yells out “Abdullah” and a person comes scurrying out. Thick Somali accent speaking to us as we were handed the menus. Kaci picked the Beef w/Naan (Indian bread) and I got the Chicken w/Rice combo. Strange. It said “Mediterranean” on the outside but everything on the menu was Indian.

Well within 5-10 mins of waiting, hot food was served. Wow. Did food ever taste that good for 7 bucks a plate. It was basically Indian food with some Mid-Eastern/Mediterranean flavor and came out great. The rice was simply exquisite. The cury flavored meat, heavenly. Great service.

After we were done eating, they refused the tip. WOW. Even better. Won’t mind stopping by again if I’m in downtown Saint Cloud ever again. Also, we got a good dose of Al Jazeera news. It was very weird hearing news from another perspective but informative as well. Just goes on to show that watching Fox News and CNN gets us only half the story. To hear the whole deal, it doesn’t hurt to hear the other side’s story. Well it hurts your wallet cuz you’d need to drop extra $$$ to get digital cable if you don’t have one.

My overall verdict. Mediterranean Cafe gets the Ninja’s all-time 5-star recommendation! The environment may not feel great but the food definitely is. Not to forget news from another view. Not the ideal place for a first time date but great for any other times.

EDIT: 09/15/07 Went back and same great service!

EDIT: 05/05/08 Unfortunately, the place has closed out and I was unable to find another “Mediterranean Cafe” in St Cloud, Minnesota.




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14 08 2007

Strange, I live in St. Cloud and have never made it in. . . The best places are always like this. . .

14 08 2007

Won’t hurt to check it out. It’s on the same street as the indie movie theater which would be West Division (i think) and a coupla blocks away on the same side of the street. I’d recommend you to try out the Chicken w/ Rice combo just to play it safe.

23 06 2008
kamal agravat

Dear friend,

hi and hello , i am chef and same food world , but i seen your add its really good and work nicely , i am at present in singapore , i prepare arbic , trukish , italic and greek too. and and meditre. too.


8 07 2008

Greetings… I was doing some searching for info on the St. Cloud area and ran across
your site. My wife and I are traveling from Wisconsin to Winnipeg soon
and we thought it would be fun to try to find out what
off-the-beaten-path or can’t-miss stops local folks recommend in
different places along the way.

We’re sorry to hear that this great-sounding restaurant is no longer around. Any other tips from the region?

We have a blog started at – if
you’ve got a good word for something in your backyard, let us know…
Thanks in advance!

14 07 2008

If you’re into burgers and fries, my personal favorite is a local chain called Burger Time located on Division St and 4th Ave N. Generous proportions for fantastic low-cut prices.

There’s a popular heat-attack inducing burger joint on East St Germaine and Lincoln Ave but can’t remember the name. It’s a small stand next to a auto exhaust repair store.

Then there’s another Somali restaurant (not Mediterranean) in St Cloud but the hygiene factor is questionable. No one likes to sing Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” when they’re on a roadtrip.

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