Miller Chill … again

14 08 2007

It’s good. Yummy. For those who cant make up their minds if they’d like a soda (or pop) or a beer, this is it. Just thought I’d taunt all those who view my pages but don’t bother to post any comments. Whasap with that guys? You dont have to register to post a comment. Jus put down a bogus email address and shoot your thoughts!



2 responses

24 08 2007

after seeing miller chill several times at my local liquer store i decided to breakdown and buy a six pack the taste of this wine cooler is quite awfull it tastes like miller threw in some commercial strength lime freshner then decided to one up it with a hint of salt how so called educated employees at miller thought this wine cooler was a good idea is beyond my comprehesion for starters its marketed after a shit beer to begin with (corona)with lime apart from that after knocking a few back my stomach disowned me and i had a buzz reminiscent of drinking to much nyquil

25 08 2007

At least you can say you tried it!

And my apologies to the state of your stomach. I have a weak stomach but the Chill hasn’t affected it in the 3 times I’ve bought and used the stuff. So didn’t think it was potent.

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