How to quickly cool down a computer

15 08 2007

… is to use those gimmicky ionic-breeze fan things you see on tv or at Sharper Image. I guess that’s one thing that the ionic breeze fan can do.

According to research and a demonstration of this trick by some folks up at the U of Purdue, they were able to cool down a CPU by as much as 250%. Pretty significant eh? So they dropped down the temp from 60C to 35C, BIG DEAL. But it sure as heck does not do justice to the price tags of the fan itself. If you buy one of those cheap $10 laptop stand things with built-in fans, they sorta help maintain the laptop’s temp without a towering air purifier next to your computer.

Well they’re also claiming that this technology will be available for computers in 3 years. 3 years??? Keep your fingers crossed and don’t hold your breath. In 3 years, we’ll be seeing liquid cooled laptops and SSD (Solid State Drives) replacing the heat-creating disk drive systems currently in place.

Not a bad thing but I sure hope they figure out a way to keep costs low so that consumers enjoy lower prices.

Read the article here!




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