NBC is my savior

15 08 2007

Now that I’ve moved into this apartment with an acute shortage of funds, my only option is basic cable. What do you get with Basic Cable? Well the regular channels you get with an antenna + TBS, GSN, CSPAN, CSPAN2, a static weather channel, another static channel that says AWESOME OPPORTUNITIES all god-danged day and night, and 3 church channels.

The only thing viewable are the stuff you get on regular antenna tv crap. Well I’ve started watching Judge Judy and Montell more than ever. Maury and Springer Shows are becoming a staple too. Best of all is NBC. Jay Leno’s back to his funniest and they have a sorta entertaining show “Singing Bee” hosted by an ex-N’Sync or Backstreet boy. There’s more though. NBC will be airing a new show called “Chuck” which is about some Geek Squad dude (Nerd Squad?) who ends up with Government secrets and the whole whoopity whoop on “Mondays – Coming Soon” and then they got the big event – the return of HEROES! Heroes will return for their 2nd season on NBC @ 8pms from Sep 19th onwards.

Sad. That’s all I can look forward to cuz I’m not sure what other channels will offer. That “So You Can Dance” is one craptastic show on Fox. The comments by the judges makes me wanna puke and the dancing by all those no-names definitely pales to NBC’s “Dancing with the Stars”. Speaking of which, whatever happened to that show?

Still missing out on “Destination Truth” and “Ghost Hunters” which are only aired on SciFi. BBC’s Top Gear will come to BBC America but I don’t get that channel either. This is depressingly dull.

Thanks NBC for coming up with something for me to watch though.

BTW, I can’t stand NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” because it’s almost as 1 dimensional in terms of entertainment as that dance show on Fox.




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