World’s WORST cologne!

15 08 2007

Grey Flannel. I got a few free samples in the past and they’ve all sucked. They all had the same strong pesticide-like smell.

You can’t see it here but i’s the original Grey Flannel New York box casing. Impressive on the outside, shitty on the inside. Everybody was ready to gag when I tried using it.

Googled it up and guess what? Everybody’s favorite store Walmart is carrying them. What a surprise! Wait. They’re not. It’s SOLD OUT on the internet. Sometimes, SOLD OUT can be a bad thing because SOLD OUT could mean that Walmart’s not looking to restock them anymore after a few gullible Bobs bought them. God they’re priced at 19 bucks. You’re better off with Tag or Axe cuz those things are only 5 bucks a piece and lasts forever.

Truth be known, there’s only one Grey Flannel fragrance and it sux unless you’re into sniffing RAID and don’t mind living by yourself in a cage.

Once again, Grey Flannel does not equate to getting laid or getting hired for a job.

Walmart’s product page




3 responses

29 01 2008
matt g

yo i agree 100 percent. the cologne sucks it smells like old plastic and raid mixed.

29 01 2008

Where’d you get yours from?

25 08 2008

Something terrible has happened to the REAL Grey Flannel!!! It use to smell soooooooooooooo sexy! Now, it smells like poison. Has the formula been bought and changed. Or is there just bootleg cologne out there now??????

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