Gateway laptop with MBR Error

16 08 2007

So this one stupid Gateway laptop decides to die on me today. Well it started acting cranky coupla weeks ago when just before a conference began, it had to be rebooted and then won’t boot up to Windows because of an MBR ERROR message on the screen.

So the picture on the screen said:

Press F11 to start recovery
MBR Error

… and when you hit ENTER, it tries to initialize the ethernet card which doesn’t do much.

There’s a 3 second wait period when you get the first line of the error message and if you don’t hit F11, you get MBR Error. Guess what? I pressed F11 and still got the MBR Error. How dumb is that?

Physically rebooted the machine by holding the power button. If you just push the power, it turns it off and you can turn it on but you’re unable to boot to Windows thanks to the MBR Error. So you have to make sure you hold the power button until it shuts down completely. Did that. Turned it back on, and after the F11 message, it automatically loaded to Windows. I didn’t push a button.

Last week it did the same thing so I disabled Windows Restore function thinking that might be the culprit. It didn’t do it again. So that was the cause of the problem?

Fast forward yesterday. Same problem. Today. Same problem. Grrr.

Powered it down. Powered it back up and hit the F10 key when you see the GATEWAY logo on the DOS screen. It let me in on the boot order. I selected the HDD option to edit and chose to do a NON-DESTRUCTIVE or BACK-UP FORMAT. Backs up all data to a virtual partition, then runs a format on the rest of the other partition, and reloads Windows. All software/apps will need to be reinstalled however.

Painfully slow. 30 mins and I think Windows XP Pro has been reinstalled. Will supply pics later.

Soooo slowww. The ninja is about to pass out due to boredom. Ninja will keep you updated. Gawd this is a boring day.




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11 09 2007
Gateway laptop with MBR Error - Pt 3 « NinjaTales Blog

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27 08 2008

I am having the exact same problem, i called tech support…and um they’re not so smart. So I’m now trying to do the F10 thing…

28 08 2008

Sorry Lynda. When you’re getting that error, it’s almost a guarantee that your hard drive is on the verge of meeting Albert Einstein.

Here’s something you can try… reseat your hard drive.

If that doesn’t help, the easiest fix is to have tech support backup your files from your hdd and get you a new hdd. This was noted in the 3rd part of this sad saga.

12 09 2009

Hey I’m having a major issue wit both my laptops one has a mbr error the other has a stop error is 0x0000007e (0xc0000005,0xb2f56750,0xba4ef430,0xba4ef12c) I really need major help here please help me.

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