Gateway laptop with MBR Error – Pt 2

17 08 2007

The laptop worked out fine. All files were backed into a virtual partition. Then the main C: partition was formatted, XP Pro installed on the empty partition, the backed up files moved into a folder on the C: called BACKUP-GATEWAY.

Then I had a noobilicious moment. For some reason the newly formatted laptop wont work on network.

Ethernet cable from wall connects to the hub, my desktop connects to the hub, and so does the laptop. So since the laptop didn’t work and my desktop was, I tried reseating the cable coming from the wall on the end to the hub. That didn’t go it either. Then I noticed that my desktop didn’t go offline. There was only one ethernet cable connected to the hub and it’s linked to my desktop. Weird.

I followed the cables and came to the conclusion that my computer had magical powers. But I was wrong. With the gazillion cables in the back thanks to the dual mounted CPUs, I’d been deceived when I was following the ethernet cable. That came at the expense of moving my desk and computers and laptops etc around. 60 minutes wasted. Office in disarray. Feeling stupid.

And yes. There are no more MBR Errors anymore.



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