Best Simpsons and Family Guy show

19 08 2007

Simpsons (400th Episode – Season 18 Episode 22)

Haven’t seen the movie but the Simpsons show tonight (Aug 19 – originally aired May 20) definitely hit all the right notes. I wonder what’s going on in the minds of the Fox execs. The whole show basically revolves around the current trend of reporters and news agencies afraid to report the truth because of the fear that they might get branded as the “liberal media” by the ugly powerful right-wing fascists. Kent Brockman, the local Springfield newscaster gets canned for slipping out a swear-word and even with nobody watching, the ever-righteous Ned Flanders stumbles upon it in a recorded tape and sends it out to the FCC. Brockman along with the help of Lisa Simpson comes to the conclusion that the media is always succumbing to the money from the big dogs like Fox. Then the truth comes out – Fox does not hesitate to flaunt itself as the “Fair and Balanced” source of news and then also go out to make all conservative viewers happy by siding that it’s also “biased”. Then again, the raunchiest tv shows are almost always on Fox. How can they pull that off? Watch the episode (below) if you’re able to! I loved the ending.

American Dad

Nothing. The show stinks.

Family Guy

Hilarity is almost always ensured in Family Guy as Brian and Peter Griffin use the services of Death to go back in time and enjoy life as a teen. Unfortunately for Peter, ignoring a young Lois leads to a different future. Quagmire ends up marrying Lois. The best part was when the news in the future/present headlines with Dick Cheney shooting Karl Rove and Tucker Carlson (from MSNBC) in a hunting accident. The future/present also had Al Gore as President and who kills Bin Laden with his bare-hands. Poor Brian is left in a dilemma. I would be too but it’s one of the best Family Guy shows. It’s based on Ray Bradbury’s “Sound of Thunder” short story on the accidental killing of a butterfly. This may be a rerun but I’d never seen it. Go watch it!




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