More disasters hit Minnesota

19 08 2007

A dreary weekend capped by another disaster striking Minnesota overshadowing the work in the I-35W recovery section. The last bodies have been found and one identified as Blaine resident Scott Sathers who sadly worked with one of my close friends

While shit goes on around the nation like the hurricane that just about missed the Big Island on Hawaii and Dean making it’s rounds towards the southern gulf region, the Utah mine deaths, the increasing smog in more cities, and random fires, Minnesota is having it’s own bout of bad luck.

So what has struck Minnesota this time? Scorching heat? Power outages? Deadly lightning storms? Golf-ball sized hail storms? Tornados? Bridge collapses? This time it’s flooding in the South-Eastern Mn regions like Owatona, Winona, Stockton, etc. At least 4 confirmed dead and many more missing. Lots of roads/bridges damaged.

Once again, we see Tim Paulenty’s face on the media complaining about costs to help fix the state. Like the stunt he pulled right after the 35W bridge disaster, we might see his face again claiming that he was “reaching out with an olive branch” to the Democrats and agreeing to the tax increase in gas tax. I hate how he can pull off such childish acts like that on public tv and have a lot of Republicans agree even when he’s lying out of his ass. Unfortunately, the gas tax might be used to funnel funds to other government projects like how they always turn out.

The small government ideaology held by Republicans … is a false dream. Wonder what religious people think about all these problems inflicting this nation. Is God punishing us? Not being a religious person, I’d say this is a combination of both Global Warming and the low priority given to an aged infrastructure.




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