2008 Honda Accord 2-door is ugly

20 08 2007

Yea, the upcoming new Honda Accord 2-door is ugly. Don’t bother even mentioning the 4-door cuz it looks just like a Hyundai Sonata with a Honda badge on.

Back to the 2-door coupe. The interior is beautiful and all the features are great but as the saying goes, “the first impression is the last”, looking at this thing made me wanna gag. I absolutely hate the exterior styling. Even though I tried to get used to it and like it but there’s too many things going on with the different shapes on the car. This picture above is the best I could find. Look below and start throwing up!

I’d like to point out 5 major problems with the exterior styling

1. The stainless steel grill makes this look ugly. Blacken it out!

2. The tail lights don’t appear to match with the theme of the car. Make them narrower!

3. That stupid indent rising line on the side by the door-handles is jus so BMW style. It makes this look like it’s got one too many creases. Get rid of them!

4. The hood. That horrible gap between the hood and the front nose thing is too large.

5. The hood again. It’s too flat! Give it a bit of a curve to it.


EDIT: 09/26/07 It’s not so bad now. Getting used to it thanks to those fabulous ads.

EDIT: 02/25/08 Even the 4-door is looking better now. I actually got to see one in person and it looked like a luxury full-sized sedan compared to the Accords from the past. Very sleek lines but the tail-lights felt somewhat neutered. I guess my biggest problem with the 4-door is that it doesn’t look like a Honda other than the headlights and nose. Yet to see a 2-door in person but I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I like it.

EDIT: 03/16/08 A black 2-door Accord coupe flew by on the other side of the road as I was headed out to Wendys for a bite. That thing oozed class. I deeply regret writing that I thought the 2-door was ugly. It’s exquisite and tasteful. Very upscale which is why I denounced it in the first place but now it’s a must have.




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13 11 2007

Love the new Honda 2008 IT IS TOO HOTT! YOUR NOT!

13 11 2007

Good for you carlover. Sorry that my tastes don’t conform to your standards but the silver grill, tail-lights that don’t quite fit in the whole concept of this car, and all those lines on the sides looks like a tacky domestic Saturn or Pontiac.

Honda reliability and interior comfort is important but compare this in terms of exterior design with the Altima Coupe or even the Pontiac G6 (sadly enough).

They should’ve just slightly remodeled the previous Accord 2-door.

23 01 2008

I’m with you man, this new Accord is just hideous!.

23 01 2008

Sorry Roy but the 2-Door is actually growing in me now. Although I still find the design layout of the hood to the grill just plain bad.

28 01 2008

Are you kidding me? This thing is sexy! I agree the 4-door isn’t attractive, but the coupe is really nice. When we did our review on it, I constantly had people staring at it.

28 01 2008

Did you get a chance to review the 2-door coupe with a manual stick shifter? BTW, I prefer the 17″ as long as the wheel arches don’t look too wide for them.

19 02 2008

I like it

12 03 2008

You have to see it in person to appreciate it, and that goes for most cars. The new Chevy Malibu is gorgeous in person, and the interior is fantastic. As for the 2008 Honda, and I have one, loaded, one problem is the driver’s seat. The lumbar support is digging into my back, and I can’t fix it, it’s in all the way. I hate that thing. This has the most uncomfortable driver’s seat ever. Also, getting in and out is real work, and forget about getting into the back seat. You should be in your 20’s if you are going to get one. I’ve had 2-doors before, this is the worst. If I could get out my lease early, I would do it in a second. That said, this thing is dangerously fast, in a good way, and people always are looking at it and following me…

12 03 2008

Maybe it’s the way you sit and Honda wants you to sit up Victorian style.

The ideal sitting position for driving has been dictated as having your ass (mind my crude language) slide a bit forward leaving room behind enough to fit the width of your hand if laid flat on the bottom of the seat.

14 03 2008

For the amount of money I paid to lease this thing, I should be able to sit any damn way I feel like! Just kidding…but really, this is not the first car that I’ve had that has had an overly intrusive lumbar support. I just want it to be fully adjustable, so if I want to slouch, I can! Like on a long trip. And you can’t take a nap in the driver’s seat, forget it. UNCOMFORTABLE. Strange, the best drivers seats are on less expensive cars, like my old Chrysler Cirrus, (spongy!) and my current other car, Kia Sportage, 2006 EX (lumbar support on, lumbar support off! and inbetween). Yeah, it’s kinda like Honda is telling you PAY ATTENTION!, probably for good reason, cause if you don’t watch it, you’re gonna hit something!

14 03 2008

This is what I’ve noticed between domestics and imports at an initial glance.

Domestics: better speakers, comfortable seats, alloy wheels (rims), thirsty engines (regardless of torque), crappy interior material

Imports: low quality speakers, optimized driving seats, plastic wheel covers, efficient engines (regardless of torque), higher quality interior material

Of course exceptions do apply in both cases but that Accord 4-door tail lights need to be improved. I see that from afar and think it’s a Saturn. Been proved wrong one too many times which isn’t a good thing for Honda.

4 04 2008

I think the 2008 Honda Civic is about as ugly as the Toyota Prius–neither do it for me as far as styling or overall looks. I’m waiting for them to come out with some different models in the Hybrid category because I can’t bear to think that this is the style for the next several years. I think Honda and Toyota could do better. And personally, there are some cars that NEVER grow on you as far as visual appeal. The Ford Taurus was one of those cars. No matter what they did to it, it still looked like an over-sized old man’s car. Hate it and also hate the Ford 500 which was so thoughtlessly re-named “Taurus”. Ford has some engineers who are either drunk or high when they made some of their design/car name decisions.

4 04 2008

This would be the Accord, not the Civic. After seeing the 2-door in person a few times, I’m a changed man. The 4-door looks like it’s actually worth $25K now apart from the tail-lights.

The Chevy Malibu is also plagued by the same problem. Tail-lights.

8 04 2008

umm too bad i have a black 08 2dr accord and i apsaloutly love it everyone els seems to as well. i’ve gotten alot of complements on it so yall can stfu

25 04 2008

asanti’s won’t even make this look good. too bad. usually honda makes decently good lookin cars. oh well. mabey next year they will make up for it.

5 06 2008
j - dizzle

Dude, the sedan looks like a hot bag of a**. The coupe is acceptable, but there really is too much going on with the design… needs to go back to the drawing board, to be honest

10 06 2008
You're real dumb& poor

Hey there bud, you do realize the Accords in general are quite above the regular family car base line (Price wise). I must say, even though you NOW state that it is growing on you, I don’t think you should be commenting to an extent where it might offend other people, especially when you yourself can not see yourself in the car itself. I must say however, that the pictures and the actual presence of the car is very different. From the picture you posted, I can say I must agree with you. However, try looking at it close up. Try a different color, such as the black. It does look real nice.

20 06 2008
Betty Ford

My mom had a dog once.

20 06 2008
America's future

Check out this numbnuts below… this is why America is quickly sinking.. Half of Americans who can write can’t even spell properly… What in gods name is APSALOUTLY?

Anonymous (20:33:41) :

umm too bad i have a black 08 2dr accord and i apsaloutly love it everyone els seems to as well. i’ve gotten alot of complements on it so yall can stfu

16 09 2008

I bought my 08 accord two weeks ago I LOVE IT!!! i used to dislike them, but i saw a black one with black rims and i was drawn instantly, from the front it had a acura look and thats wat drew me most i love acuras and for honda to finaly make something to resemble its sister name is a good day for me. lol. you really have to sit in one and drive one theyr fun, torque response is very good but than again you would expect that from honda. engine sound is a bit loud but thats a six cylinder honda for you raw power baby lol, i love it and hate my self for thinkin they were crap. dont judge the car by its first few glances

7 11 2008

Sorry to see you changed your mind about the outside style! However, you were correct in your initial assessment of the car – it is the UGLIESSSSSSST car on the road today. Maybe it’s tied with the Prius.The interior is also designed like a spaceship….Blahhhh

7 11 2008

Say baby what’s happening blood! Man, yous so rights – dem Hondas really suck yo. Goings to buys me some American muscle baby!!!!!!!!

14 11 2008

dude you just dont have good taste in cars thats all. The 08 2 door is a bad ass car to own. Much better then my old 01. 08 comes with 268 hp. You could up grade that to 300 so cheap and fast. your just retarded guy.

17 11 2008
No Name

hey..hey… don’t speak bad about the no.1 Japanese sedannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

25 11 2008


17 12 2010

you must be blind, the sonata came out 3 years after this, and a LOT of people think its nice looking

14 06 2011
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