2nd Season of America’s Got Talent ends

21 08 2007

and the winner is … the dude who’s circled below.

All 4 finalists had to do a duet with someone famous.

It all started with Butterscotch (the chick on 2nd to the left) who also is a beatboxer. So she had Sean Kingston and they sang his hit “Beautiful Girl” which could easily have been named SUICIDE or the SUICIDAL song. Nice song but Mr Kingston was doing a poor lip sync job. Ruined it. Her grandma endorsed her after the song. Butterscotch was in tears. Don’t ask me.

Then Terry Fator (who I thought was Terry Vader or Fader) the ventriloquist had Kermit for a duet on his song. Some old song I can’t remember the name (Everybody Needs A Friend? or You Got A Friend) but it was pretty good. There were puppet chickens jumping out behind the haystack Kermit was sitting on and they started to squawk and sing along too. Hilarious. And who would come out to endorse Fator? Why who else than Miss Piggy herself.

After Fator, Julienne Irwin or the girl who sings in her bedroom came out with some 17-year-old supposedly famous female country singer. Sleepy and boring song. The 17-year-old had too much make-up on. Sorry to lay it out like this but she looked like a hooker and not some conservative country singer. Ironic. Martina McBride said something corny…

Finally, Cas Haley the reggae/ska singer got on board. UB40 joined him and they sang Red Red Wine. Simply awesome. Thought he was gonna win.

So then after much pause and waiting, they booted off the 14-year old Julienne. She had an average voice so no biggie. Ads and commercials flew by and next thing you know, the place turned into a drag show. It was bad in a bad way. Made the “America’s Got Talent” show transformed into a nightmare circus show instead of the finale to a highly rated NBC talent show.

Then they booted off Butterscotch. WTF? What’s going on here? They jus booted her off like that. They didn’t make everybody sing again. So she was off. Aright. Now what? Oh ok. More commercials. Aright. Back to the show and the final. More commercials. What is going on here? Jerry Springer looks around and pauses and then gives out the name of the winner – Terry Fator.

The ventriloquist wins the event. He was a talented person but Cas Haley’s reggae/ska songs were more fun. But it takes more talent to sing through a puppet so the better person won.

As the show was ending, I opened up Wiki to look up “America’s Got Talent” and surprisingly enough, someone had time to update the page with the winners and losers.

    First Place

  • Terry Fator – ventriloquist/impressionist/singer from Dallas, Texas
    Second Place

  • Cas Haley – singer/guitarist from Dallas, Texas

So, does America have talent? I’d like to think so. A 14-year-old reaching the finals is an amazing feat. An entertaining fat dude who sings reggae/ska music. A beatboxer from the streets, and a singing ventriloquist. Hope the next finale to that show does not feature that weird drag show with off-tune singing again.

Good Night!




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