Bitter sweet moment with Car and Driver

21 08 2007

So yesterday afternoon, I finally got my August’s issue of Car and Driver magazine. It was August 20 but usually, it’s expected to get here before it hits the stands. Not quite this time. I guess I can’t complain since I got my subscribed copy or should I? When I slowly pulled it out of my mail box, I noticed it was crumpled, torn, and all worn out with water damage. To make it worse, it looked like one of Jack the Ripper’s victims … all stabbed with needles or something along those lines. In short, it looked like it’d been used like a 2-bit whore. WTF?

Talked to the delivery guy and he said there was nothing he could do. Probably got damaged due to poor handling by other ppl. I’m almost paranoid that as I flick the pages, there might be some “stuck” pages due to some rather sick/perverted mail room clerks.

That’s a pic of what my mag looks like. Brand new. Just sad. Almost looks like that fantastic M3 on the cover’s got a damaged left-fender. Bitter sweet moment.

And Car N Driver, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT post any more articles on the new BMW 1-series. They (128i/135i) look absolutely hideous and all the turbos and six-cylinder standard options can’t make me shift my judgment. The 1-series look just as shitty as the upcoming Honda Accord which I posted below. All those lines on the sides. WTF were they thinking? Looks like a German Pontiac with the side ribbed cladding.




4 responses

21 08 2007
Maxine Hamilton

definitely a horrible cover pic.

21 08 2007

Major bummer for me. 😦

29 09 2007

Very nice this blog =)

3 11 2007

Very nice this blog =)

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