New muffler for the old ride

21 08 2007

So had a new muffler and pipe installed on my old Civic. Set me back only $105 which was surprising. The muffler installation on my old Probe GT cost me $250 so this took me back. And without hesitation, had the old holey muffler and pipe removed/sawed-off. The new one had to be ordered, took 15 mins and when it got here, the guys at MG Exhaust Service (on Lincoln) did a great job of getting the correct length of the end tailpipe and welding everything together along with the screws.

Boy did I get a deal. $75 for the muffler, tailpipe, and mmm over axel pipe? and $25 for labor. All’s good!

Logged on eBay to look up somethings and noticed a seller selling a muffler for my Honda. WTF! It’s only 30 bucks after shipping. Holy shit! It was one of those after-market cool-looking ricer stuff. Feel kinda dumb now. If only I’d bought it on eBay and had the muffler guys fix it. I’d even pay them 50 bucks for labor. Oh well. I know what to do for my next car. And hope you don’t make my mistake!




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