Gran Turismo 5 prologue trailer clip

23 08 2007

GT5 is just around the corner and is set to light a smile on all PS3 owners. The regular plethora of seemingly awesome cars are included along with the high anticipated and somewhat secretive Nissan GT-R (formerly known as Skyline GT-R). Also in the video, you get to see the brand new Mitsubishi Evolution (formerly known as Evolution X or Evo X) in action against TVRs, Vipers, Acura NSX, and Mustang GT500s.

The only missing car is the upcoming Lexus LF-A (Toyota Supra???). Some months back, photographers captured snaps of what appeared to be an LF-A tailgating a mini-350Z (possibly the upcoming Nissan Silvia) around the famed Nurburgring race track. Boy did that Lexus look sharp. Too bad it’s not in the video but then, that doesn’t mean it’s not gonna be in the game. I know it’s gonna make it in the game. Hope so. Or will it?
Here’s a slightly shortened version of the official Gran Turismo 5 prologue video.

The version you can find on the official website has a bit more details out in the beginning. Don’t forget to watch it by clicking HERE!




3 responses

19 12 2007

LF-A is not the new supra, it’s the replacement for high-end for the IS. and it’s chasing C-west’s VIP 350z, Siliva is a different platform then the 350.

19 12 2007

Yea. The LF-A won’t be the new Supra but I thought they were set to share the same platform?

About the 350Z, I think you’re wrong.

20 05 2011
Angelo Starcevich

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