New LCD TV for home via OfficeMax

25 08 2007

Just bought the $299 Soyo 24″ widescreenLCD flatpanel monitor. I saw it on Spofee last week and checked it out at OfficeMax with a friend. There wasn’t even a display stand version of it. 5 boxes of Soyo’s 24″ LCDs were left in the corner by the LCD and Laptops section. It was barely even visible.

So yesterday, went off to OfficeMax to get it praying and hoping they weren’t sold out. And whadya know. They weren’t sold out! I grabbed one of the OfficeMax employees and asked him if we could somehow test out the LCD so that I could check to see if there were any dead pixels. To my surprise, he said SURE. This would never happen to me at a Best Buy. Tried doing that and they’re all being fussy and denying me that privilege which resulted in me walking out without a monitor back that one time. So after much difficulty (the employee appeared to be a noob but a really helpful and nice person), we got it out working on one of the computers.

All I can say is WOW! Beautiful screen. The colors were bright and vibrant next to the other monitors. Contrast depth of 1000:1 (it’s starting to become standard finally), 500 cd/m2 brightness (highest in OfficeMax), 6ms response (other 24″ were at 8ms), DVI-I dual (allows for both DVI-A and DVI-D dual and single) and yada yada yada.

Then I did the dead pixel test. Opened up paint, colored the thing black, saved it, and used it as a wallpaper. Then hid the icons and the Windows task bar on the bottom. No dead pixels. Woohoo!

There was a $10 OFF a purchase of an item costing $20 or more. Used that too. Sadly, they charged me 7% tax instead of the standard 6.5% so taxes pumped the total up by 20 bucks leaving it at a still bargain price of $310 and change and a bit of great customer service. My experiences at OfficeMax’s everywhere has always been good and this was no exception.

Right now, have it hooked up to the DVD player via component (RGB) and DVI-D.

The ONLY PROBLEM or COMPLAINT I have with the 24″ Soyo is that it didn’t work with Intel Integrated Graphics card. That is not a problem for me since mine has an ATI but just so you know. And it’s a 100 bucks off just like that with no rebates. No room for complaints.



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24 03 2008

Do you notice any problems with fast moving video- ie sports?

24 03 2008

No ghosting on that monitor. I’ve seen that effect on other LCDs but read my other post on the 24″ Soyo LCD.

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