Palm Gandolf / Treo 800 / Treo 500 / Centro foreal!

26 08 2007

US Telecom Sprint is now calling the shots. The Giz reported with some details on the new Palm Centro kiddie-smart phone. The Centro got a new, may I add better, color scheme compared to previous washed-out UK spyshot models. As I’d mentioned previously, it’s also the smallest Palm Treo phone ever and the QWERTY keypad is teeny but about as usuable as the other Palm Treos. It also has EVDO for high speed connectivity. From the looks of it, it’s running Palm/Garnet OS instead of the ultra-sluggy Windows Mobile 5/6 which is a good indicator that this shit is the real shit. Foreal!

Sprint gets to keep this $99 CDMA device exclusive for the first 90 days after it’s release in October then Verizon’s gonna jump the band wagon (which is possibly January 2008). I only hope they show some GSM love for T-Mobile and the devilish AT&T (telecom formerly known as Cingular).




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