Car and Driver 1.5 months early?

29 08 2007

Forgot to mention this previously but I got my Car and Driver’s October issue on Monday the 27th. Weird. October??? This is August! WTF is seriously going on here lol. I’m not complaining but that’s jus plain inconsistent or perplexing.

The September’s issue of C&D shows up on the 21st and the October’s C&D is here on the 27th. I’m baffled but will admit that this month’s issue is more interesting. The other one covered the uglylicious BMW 1-series while this one covers the new Viper, the Z07, brand new Honda Accord (2-door coupe and 4-door sedan), and the 2009 Jaguar XF.

Even more confusing. Jalopnik (auto blog) had the Jag XF pics out on Monday saying they “broke the embargo” but looks like C&D also had the same thing on their minds. Nice looking ride for a price range of $58-68K. There’s far too many cars featured in this magazine. Possibly one of the best Car and Driver magazines in a long time. When you’re walking down by the grocery store aisles, try picking one out and reading it.

Thanks Car & Driver for getting this one out at the speed of light.




One response

3 04 2008

I am looking for trim that goes around the back of a 69’ mustang grande. I can’t find any and I need some for me and my customers. Any Ideas would help thanks!

Brian mustang parts

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