College Fodder: Jajangmyun noodles

30 08 2007

You might not find this brand of ramen noodles at most grocery stores but if you know of any East Asian stores, you might very well be in luck. To begin with, my girlfriend (who’s Korean) had to correct me. I was about to call it a ramen but I guess it’s jus a type of special Korean noodles called Jajangmyun or Jajangmeun for roughly 89c per package. Not quite sure of the exact pronunciation in English but it’s something like Jajangmin or what I wrote in the previous sentence.

A quick history on Jajangmyun. It was originally a Chinese noodle dish which got popular in Korea with the rising Chinese immigration to the Korean peninsula. I guess Jajangmeun in direct translation means “black noodles” and it sure lives up to it’s reputation.As seen below, it won’t necessarily say “Jajangmeun” but they come in different packages. The one featured below (Cha Cha-roni or Ja Ja-roni) is the stuff I really like but I need 2 to fill me.

So first you dump the noodles in a pot. Then pour out the chunky dried vegetables on it. Do NOT pour out the dark stuff yet.

Fill the pot with water and set the heat to about 70% heat. Cover it up!

After around 15 mins of cooking at 70% heat, turn off the heating. Use the lid to poke into the noodles to make sure it’s soft and edible.

Drain out all the water. Try to get all of it out using the lid to keep the contents in and at the same time, letting out the water.

Pour the black stuff from the sealed package on the noodles. Stir it with chopsticks until you get most or all of the ramen covered in that black stuff.

A reminder, make sure to use the pot where you have the ramen Jajangmyun in. Stir it well again and you may begin eating!

This thing tastes a million times better than it looks. The dark stuff is soysauce and a blend of some other Chinese ingredients. It’s a big hit there in Korea and one of my all time favs.

EDIT (01/27/08): IF YOU DO NOT REMOVE ALL THE WATER, your jajangmyun will taste nasty. I’ve noticed a lot of people make that mistake so PLEASE, when you’re making jajangmyun, try to follow my instructions down to the detail. It’s  not like making standard ramen where you boil it and voila! And DO NOT say the instant jajangmyun tastes bad unless you’ve cooked it right and removed all the water after cooking. 




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3 12 2007

omg! i am craving for that but i live in australia so i dont know if they sell those type of instant jajangmyuns in the asian grocery =(

3 12 2007

There’s supposedly a large korean and chinese pop down there so you should be in luck. Unless of course you live out in the boonies. I hope you find em! Go Jackie Go!

14 12 2010

I am such an idiot. I didn’t know the black stuff should appear paste-like when mixed with the noodles. LOL!

What I did was I just poured in the powder and mixed it with the noodles, it turned black but I knew something wasn’t right. I was supposed to mix the powder with a bit of water and mix it into a paste-like substance before mixing it with the noodles.

Good thing I stumbled upon this blog.. lol. Thanks! ^_^


5 06 2011

I just made instant jajangmyun and i almost died when i saw how my jajang “Sauce” looked like:))i saw on youtube that they added the jajang sauce powder in a pot with oil and stired i did the exact same thing..its just that it got ..crunchy?:)))hahhaa i almost had a heart attack..then i fixed it by adding 7 spoons of the soup base that the noodles boiled in and it turned into a..jajang…liquid lol:))))))it was…eatable..i think:))))

24 05 2012
Nabilah Ab

but it taste little bit that normal? do you think i should fried the sauce first??cause i have watch one of video making jajang myun at YT she says she have to fried the sauce in order to make the the bitter taste dissapear..

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