Iron Man movie plot revealed?

10 09 2007

This is what I got from the trailers and hopefully when the movie gets released, it will prove me wrong.

Tony Stark (Robert Downey Junior) is a big defense contractor/inventor whatever. He works for the US Govt’s defense systems and because of his super-intelligence, he gets to be a celebrity and compared to the likes of Leonardo DaVici.

During one of his tours in Iraq or Afganistan or somewhere-in-the-mid-east, his convoy gets ambushed by “terrorists” and everybody but his assistant (Pepper Potts) and himself are spared. His orders were to build an ICBM or some sort of missile that could reach the US … the Whitehouse … and I guess it’s expected to be strong enough to be a bunker buster as well.

While building a missle, Tony Stark secretly starts building a body armor and turns himself into “Iron Man”. This suit is super strong. Has got a lot of crazy stuff in it (adamantium?) and he’s able to free himself off of the clutches of his captors.


Back in the States at home, he turns into an overnight celebrity (maybe he wasnt a celebrity to begin with?).

But big brother’s afraid. SHIELD (Strategic Hazard Intervention, Espionage and Logistics Directorate) sends out Nick Fury (Sam L “Mothafuckin” Jackson) to track his movements and report his activities back to HQ.

Big Brother’s fears were correct. Stark is building another suit. This one’s better and stronger and allows him to fly. They send out a crack team to take him out but Nick Fury helps out Stark and thas basically how the movie unravels. 2 dudes (and 1 assistant) against the big bad US Government aka SHIELD.

The movie ends with the corrupt Govt Officials sent to prison and a full pardon to Tony Stark. Nick Fury disappears as usual. Stark is offered his old job back but he rejects the deal saying “I’m Iron Man”.

… in short, this will be a bad movie. (But I’ll still watch it)

EDIT: I forgot the part about Iron Monger. Well he’ll be the gigantor-like baddie but will have limited appearances in the movie. Most of this 120 minute flick will devote on how Tony Stark became Iron Man.




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