The Apple iPhone price drop and new iPods – GIANT POST

10 09 2007

The Apple iPhone 8GB prices were slashed by $200 on September 5th after the announcement of 3 new Apple DAPs (digital audio players) – the newly redesigned iPod Nano, the metallic iPod Classic, and a new device – the iPod Touch.

At first glance, the iPod Touch looks just like the iPhone. In reality, it’s pretty much an iPhone without a “phone” feature. It’s slightly smaller but packs the same bright 3.5″ widescreen and all applications and other 3rd party apps that can be used on the iPhone are also compatible with the iTouch iPod Touch. So in essence, you have a device that looks and works like an iPhone, is smaller, and does not bother you with the huge iPhone phone bills from AT&T/Cingular. Also, you’re not obliged to enter into any form of contract. A perfect little device which overshadowed the iPhone and prompted Jobs to drop it (iPhone price tag) like it’s hot or while it’s still warm.

iPhone 4GB $499 – discontinued on September 5, 2007

iPhone 8GB $599 – price drop to $399 on September 5, 2007

People who purchased an iPhone (4GB/8GB) 14 days prior to September 5th from Apple/AT&T stores were eligible for a $200 rebate.

On September 6th, Steve Jobs announced that early iPhone adopters were eligible for $100 in in-store credit at Apple stores nationwide.

Customers who used American Express (AmEx) or VISA are eligible for $100 through their card company customer support team. AmEx in particular has worked hard on this according to numerous websites and stuff you see on the news.

All 3 devices came in 2 different capacity trims but only the “Classic” offered a hard disk drive instead of an SSD (Solid State Drive). It’s strange to note that the Touch only came with a max of 16GB storage space because it had the biggest screen and 16GB is next to nothing if you’re planning on storing music + videos.

– 3rd gen Nano ($150 4GB / $200 8GB)
– 1st gen Touch ($300 8GB / $400 16GB)
– 6th gen Classic ($250 80GB / $350 160GB)

Which brings us down to the question – so why exactly did Apple use an SSD in place of a HDD? Probably has something to do with the dwindling battery life in newer gadgets and the rather meager hold out of 5 hours on video playback mode on the Touch. As the processing power and capabilities of gadgets these days expand exponentially, the portable power-up units. Too bad flash-based hard drives aren’t quite as useful as disk-based hard drives in terms of storage. Otherwise, they kick ass in low-power consumption and over-all life expectancy.

If we compare all 3 devices, the Classic wins it with it’s 40 hour music play back battery life, 160GB HDD storage capacity, the cool aluminum encasing, and the ability to use the “Cover-Flow” GUI (graphical user interface) found on the iPhone. Although it does look sorta boring in pictures.

Enter personal bias…

The iPod Touch is a cool device with it’s WiFi and iPhone like features, but it’s small storage size and the hefty $400 price-tag is a major problem. It also seems that Apple has disabled Bluetooth and adding events on the Calendar. How lame of Apple. The Classic looks boring.

So my personal pick would be the 3rd generation iPod Nano. It’s one neat little iPod that can fit in the pocket, play videos/games on a high performance bright 2″ screen (same res as iPod Classic), does the Cover-Flow thing that the iPhone, Touch, and 6th gen Classic can do, 8 gigs for music/videos (on tiny screen), and is well priced.



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19 12 2007
Harry Convict

Harry Convict

Hats off to you my good man.

4 04 2008

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1 06 2008

I like ipod classic ,Great Work

30 06 2008

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10 02 2010

I like your products iPod touch

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