Microsoft hates your computer!

14 09 2007

That’s what I think. Why else would they do this to regular PC users? Do they want us to move over to Macs???????

So I turned on my laptop and clicked on Start and then clicked on MSN Messenger 7.0 on the left-hand column forgetting that I had LIVE now. Then I got this pop-up error message.

WTF is this??? Problem with fucking shortcut? Motherfuckin cunt Microsoft. I hate you Bill Gates! This is no ordinary SHORTCUT-NOT-FOUND pop-up message. This is some kinda computer-slow-down bullshit that they appeared to have implanted on my Windows XP machine. The Windows Live Messenger appears to have overwritten on the MSN Messenger folder located in C:\Program Files and corrupted the remnants of the older 7.0 system.

Now while I had this pop-up message, when I clicked on Start, I could no longer click on anything on the left-hand column. And my computer was starting to slow down. This is blasphemy!!! I have a 2.6GHz Pentium 4 with 1GB RAM and a very clean system because of my nazi-like daily clean-ups. This should not be happening to my system.

Then I got suspicious. Hit CTRL+ALT+DEL keys and clicked on Task Manager and under Processes. Right away, I saw a new file running in the background.

Why you lil motherfuckin piece of shit! The file in question is USNSVC.EXE and a quick Google on it revealed …

usnsvc.exe is the Messenger Sharing USN Journal Reader Service to enable sharing scenarios. It is installed with MSN Messenger. It is located at “C:\Program files\MSN Messenger\”. This is not a required process. You can disable it to save computer resources.

-Your PC suffers from sluggish performance -You are experiencing an increase in those annoying popups
-Your default internet homepage often changes for no apparent reason.
-Some of your search results look very strange
-You have experienced an unexplained increase in your phone bills! (caused by dialers)

… so I quickly ended that process. That’s all I have for now. Fuck you Windows Live! This whole thing is a SCAM by MS. I can see myself using Mac OS X Leopard by the end of the year. BILL GATES! YOU HAVE ALIENATED YOURSELF FROM THE REAL WINDOWS USERS!

As I speak, I’m working up my finances to purchase a new Mac Book Pro. If not, I’ll just switch back to Linux. Most possibly Ubuntu.




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