The Flight of the Conchords!

16 09 2007

Bret McKenzie and Jermaine Clement rock out the HBO sitcoms with the Flight of the Conchords as a couple of jaded New Zealand singers. The small cast of awkward and funny characters reminds me of the popular British show “Extras” about film production extras and their lame efforts to get into the spotlight. FOTC is slightly different but cast in the same light of 2 aspiring singers trying to make it big out in the harsh world of New York City.

Their pathetic manager “Murray”, one and only fan “Mel”, and a friend “Dave” who lives with his “roommates” (aka parents) completes the crew.

Some funny lines in this last episode were:

Murray: Look at me. I have a goatee even though I don’t like it.
Jermaine: You look like a goat.
Murray: Thanks!

Fan1: You must’ve been on drugs when you wrote that song.
Jermaine: Yea. We were totally whacked-off.
Fan2: Whacked-off?

Jermaine: I didn’t know we had web cams in our bedroom.
Murray: Well now you do.
Bret: I think I’ll sleep in the lounge from now.
Murray: And here’s the lounge. (displays a view of the lounge through a web-cam)




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3 04 2008
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