1hr Family Guy Star Wars Episode

23 09 2007

I’m not going to break it out to you how it starts off but the Family Guy universe transforms into the Start Wars universe and follows a somewhat condensed story-line from the Episode IV – A New Hope (the original first Star Wars) movie. The ONE HOUR long episode was great but NOT quite right up there. You can tell that they did a lot of work to make this one and kudos to the FG show design team along with the artists and script-writers. Brilliant job. Super clear on my Fox HD channel. Too bad FG wasn’t in widescreen so it only showed up in the 4:3 rendering 1/5 of my HD television useless. FOX. MAKE MORE OF YOUR SHOWS WIDESCREEN as all High def tvs are now available only in widescreen.

Family Guy was on at 8PM (Central time) today on Sunday and it was preceded by the King of the Hill at 7:30PM and a brand new somewhat depressing “the Simpsons” episode (7PM) where Mr Burns gives Homer a lap of luxury by flying him in his personal jet to Chicago for a sports comedy show and back. Homer is unable to deal with his real life and opts for some change.

Back to Family Guy Star Wars. Yea it was funny with Quagmire and Cleveland playing the roles of C3p0 and R2D2 respectively, Brian the dog as the hairy Chewbacca (and his outfit was hilarious), Chris Griffin as Luke Skywalker, Lois as Princess Leia, and our very own Peter Griffin … the dashing Han Solo, and of course Stewie playing the evil Darth Vader and others.

In the end, it somehow felt incomplete just like George Lucas’ Episode IV movie so no biggee. The girlfriend didn’t quite like it which I guess shouldn’t matter but hope they’re planning on making the whole 6 episodic Star Wars movie mini-series cuz that would be kick ass.




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7 04 2008

FG Star Wars WAS in widescreen – at least on FOX last night in Vancouver.
However, Fox decided to mask the sides of the screen so that it showed in 4:3 format.

But, the masks didn’t reach right to the top of the screen, and you could clearly see that there was a large part of the picture hidden behind both black stripe ‘masks’. And it wasn’t my TV size setting either – the Fox logo was displayed on top of the right hand black strip…

7 04 2008

Strange. I didn’t notice that but it was disappointingly 4:3 again. Out of all the public channels, Fox has the worst HD programming. When they do, they’re of bad quality.

7 07 2009

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7 07 2009

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13 07 2009

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