GM vs Honda Ads

24 09 2007

GM and Honda have recently started to barrage the media waves with song-heavy commercials for their products. GM prepping with a cover of the classic BeatlesCome and Get It while the Honda Accord commercial rolled out a peppier Hold on Tight by Electric Light Orchestra.

GM’s commercial had the GMC Yukon, Chevy Cobalt, and Corvette propped on a revolving platform stand with Paul McCartney lyrics ringing out “If you want it here it is come and get it… But you better hurry cause it’s going fast…” and kinda brought on the whole oldies loving feeling towards their cars. Too bad Honda’s retro song selection in my opinion was better suited for these kinda 30 second spots.

So far, the upcoming new 2008 Honda Accord’s gotten an endorsement from NBC networks and is expected to feature in all of their new shows – Chuck, Life (some guy gets outta prison and starts life as a cop), Bionic Woman, Journeyman, and an older one – My Name Is Earl. What does GM have? Wait. They have the new Cadillac ads but no retro music.

Honda Accord 2-Door Coupe / 4-Door CNG (Compressed Natual Gas) Sedan / 4-Door Sedan

The videos are listed in the order of the title.

Edit (Sep 24): There were no Honda Accords in Chuck or Journeyman. They did show one Honda Accord commercial in between the 2 shows but saw far too many Nissan Rogue ads which figured into today’s first episode of the 2nd season of Heroes.

EDIT (Sep 25): Youtube removed the previous clips. They’re updated now.

EDIT (May 22): Youtube videos renewed.




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1 10 2007
Kevin Price

I wrote about this too at I thought it was an interesting choice in songs by GMC.

1 10 2007
GM Ads Rumor - Come and Get It … FOOL??? « NinjaTales Blog

[…] been ranting and raving about the crappy quality of certain commercials on cable. In one of the posts concerning the GM ads, Kev Price over at pointed something out to me. The actual […]

12 10 2007
Retro Fashion

I personally love retro anything including retro fashion. Thanks for the post.

8 05 2011
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20 05 2011
Fredric Francisco

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